Anonymous asked
Why are you so anti-femist?

Hey stranger, haven’t been on tumblr in a while. Im “anti-feminist” because its just a hyped up complaint group. The issues brought up are either so minimal and catering to this backbone-free generations you’re all developing with this whole “someone was mean, now I’m triggered” mentality. And the real “problems” are all based on skewed statistics such as the wage gap (based on average income,not based on position or seniority. Statistically men have more of those jobs that suck like trash collector, truck driver etc, and are compensated for it) or as controversial as it is, rape statistics in certain locations (self-proclaimed feminists redefine rape and suddenly the statistics skyrocket).
My advice, grow up, realize the world isn’t perfect, people aren’t nice. But legally, things are pretty okay. There are things that need to change, but your methods are flawed and seen as immature. Feminists rarely hit the big issues, but even when you do you have the wrong audience. You generally complain on tumblr which is generally already feminist or supportive of equal rights. If you want to make a change get off the computer and really do something! And don’t alienate anyone. The whole “white men are terrible” ideology is really getting old. Youre referring to an old generation, who is already overpaid, undereducated, and has the majority of power. Yet you blame the younger generations for their seniors’ flaws.

So in short, find the right issues, get the real info, and contact the appropriate audience. Maybe then people will stop being “anti-feminist”